Diosxs is a rethinking of pre-hispanic mythopoetics through workshops with children of diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

The means of the project are to deconstruct the aesthetics of mythology and sacred entities, expanding on multiple methods of representation within heroic narratives and mythopoetics. It involves drawing workshops in which children (8-12 yrs.) speculate on the many forms and embodiments mesoamerican mythical beings may take.

The framework of the workshop involves retelling the myth of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, one of the most significant narratives in Mexica and Toltec Mythopoetics. During the recount of the narrative, there are no visual cues provided, and the children are encouraged to envision the characters in any form, shape, or colour they wish. Once done, the children are given a blank sheet of paper to draw each character.

Each image includes unique characteristics that are prominent features of the creator's life, allowing the images to be immanent. As these sublime figures multiply and invade various industries, they challenge contrasting social mechanisms and systems of power.

I have carried out 12 workshops resulting in 623 drawings. These drawings are a selection of The American School Foundation, Mexico City; Oak Heights, London & Spanish Saturday School, London.