Pedro Resendez (b. 2001, Huixquilucan) is an artist based in Mexico City, and London. His artistic practice focuses on building relationships between fictional activism and digital anthropology, developing an immersive vision of collective identity, where distance is the main factor of its construction. 

I explore distance, both physical, temporal, cultural and digital, as a triggering concept within the construction of collective identity. My artistic process is symbiotic with the action of Digital Anthropology, in which searching for images, sounds and videos through the web is parallel to the questioning of nationality, culture and the placement of identity in a geopolitical universe. Consequently unfolding the opportunity to create spaces and images dedicated to disruptive discourses in which the cultural experience can be synthetic, fictional, or even humorous. My work spans across mediums to reside in a space constructed with public access information that is dedicated to the multiple translations of collective identity; where distance prompts intimate experiences, and contributes to a more trustworthy and empathic approach towards the otherness.