In collaboration with Elena García Sirvent, Video, 2023

This installation visualises the term shadowtime created by Ranu Mukherjee and Alicia Escott:

Definition: A parallel timescale that follows one around throughout day to day experience of regular time. Shadowtime manifests as a feeling of living in two distinctly different temporal scales simultaneously,
or acute consciousness of the possibility that the near future will be drastically different than the present.

By the positioning three specific subjects at the center point of hectic locations Shadowtime documents the body’s natural response to the passing of time, prompting the corporality behind thought, and visualizing it as one timeline. The rendering of various timelines is later emulated by altering the speed and direction in which the people surrounding the scene interact with the space. Each screen is a window into living different temporal realities inserted within mundanity.

Alex in Randell´s Road
Stop B, Kings Cross.
Emilio in Highbury & Islington Overground station.
Jona in the Kiosk of
Kensington Gardens.

The installation displayed at Central St. Martins, BA Fine Art Open Studios, 2022.

The sound, amplified by two oil drums, was sourced from recordings of metal vibrations made with a contact microphone. This was then edited with high frequencies from the breathing and walking of Alejandro, Jona and Emilio (the individuals presented in the video). Any correlation between the pacing of the video and the rhythmics of the sound is unique, as the track runs independently from each video. This prompts a drastically different experience and understanding of the piece every time it is experienced physically.